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Pressure Care Cushions, Fleeces and Bed Sores Care

Pressure sores mattressBed sores are a very serious risk to anybody that spends a great deal of time in bed.  Protected from pressure sores for wheelchair users is also essential. Find details of products and services to help prevent bed sores, ulcers and other related pressure issues in this dedicated ABLEize section for bed sores and pressure care treatment and products including specially designed chair and wheelchair cushion, mattresses and fleeces for wheelchairs and beds.

Pressure sores and ulcers are often caused by unrelieved pressure caused by sitting or lying in one position for long periods of time, the best way to avoid bed sores is to relieve the pressure areas. This means ensuring that you or the patient is moved regularly or on a suitable pressure relief product such as a pressure cushion or orthopaedic mattress that can prevent sores. View sites listed here that offer preventative information and pressure product solutions along with details of pressure care cushions to prevent bed sores and a number of wheelchair fleece choices.

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Bed Sores and Pressure Care

Official and entrusted health information from MedlinePlus with details of pulses and pressure sores along with how to prevent them and what questions to ask your doctor.