Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Pilates for the Disabled

The information and resources listed in this section of ABLEize is generally aimed at providing information about pilates for the disabled and less mobile and how this popular exercise regime can assist with everyday mobility issues.  Find accessible pilates training and fitness classes, advice and information for those with disabilities in the UK. Feel free to suggest your pilate site to this popular section of Ableize if suitable for people with disabilities by clicking the Submit Your Site button located above to find details of our extremely low web promotion fees that will highlight your pilates site, service and also any Facebook or Twitter pages into the bargain.

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An NHS guide to pilates with details of the health, exercise and fitness benefits. Includes details of how to find a pilates class near you.

Offering classes in Westcliff-on-Sea. Details of the exercise techniques used and how to get involved.

Carlisle pilates classes and one 2 one sessions. Includes class details and booking information.

Qualified member of the Body Control Pilates Association offering mat work classes, workshops and private lessons in Folkestone.

A mobile pilates team in London with details of the sessions, areas covered and how to book.

The biggest pilates organisation in the UK with training details, online class finders and FAQ.