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Medical ID Bracelets, SOS Talisman & Tablet Boxes

medical id braceletFind suppliers of medical ID bracelets, SOS talisman products and tablet boxes, dispenser management etc such as pill boxes and other related items like timers and pill crushes to help organise the taking of daily tablets. More details on these products can be found below. Browse the sites below or click the Submit Your Site button above to promote your tablet dispenser and medical ID bracelet supply website in ABLEize.

Medical tags and ID bracelets are an essential aid to notifying hospitals or emergency services of your exact medical needs such as being allergic to specific medicines, diabetic etc. Nowadays these medical ID bracelets AKA SOS talisman are available in a variety of attractive jewellery designs so that they are attractive as well as serving a practical health or medical purpose. Medical ID’s come in the form of bracelets, tags, pendants and men’s and women’s SOS talisman watches.

Management medication products include alarms and timers to remind you when to take specific medicines or tablets and are extremely useful if you take multiple tablets daily. Products include tablet pill boxes, pill crusher and slitters aids as well as alarms and timers. Browse through the sites and services below to find a selection of tablet dispenser and medical ID bracelet or SOS Talisman jewellery suppliers within the UK.

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Selling online tablet dispenser and medication products from pill timers, crashes and reminders to bed wetting alarms. Also sells pillboxes to organise your daily tablet and pill taking.

Selling a range of ID and SOS talisman medical bracelets, tags and medical watches. Order a brochure online and view their many SOS talisman designs, engraving options and details of the importance of medical identity tags.

Online supplier and registered charity providing medical alert bracelets and jewellery providing 24-hour support around the globe. View the full product range including bracelets, necklaces and charms in a range of colours, metals and styles.

Online sales of pill and medication timers, alarm watches and pill cutters and grinders as well as those important pill boxes so that you never forget to take your medication again. Includes Tabtime 4 products and medelert and accept NHS purchase orders.

Selling medical alert jewellery and bracelets in a range of styles and designs for men and women. Also sells medical ID charms and expanding bands highlighting your medical needs.