Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Buy and Sell Reconditioned and Used Mobility Aids

This section of Ableize provides details of used and reconditioned mobility equipment and disabled aids such as mobility scooters, reconditioned stair lifts, electric and manual wheelchairs, hoists, second-hand accessible cars and vehicles, beds, riser chairs and all other pre-owned, second handle or reconditioned products that relate to disability and mobility for the elderly and disabled person.

All aids that assist the disabled and elderly with mobility or daily living needs are unfortunately expensive when purchase new, this section gives you the opportunity to purchase as new mobility equipment and aids that in many cases have had little use and may be as good as new. Please ensure that you inspect any products or aids and you are fully aware of their condition before you agree to purchase. Also use this section to sell your unwanted or and used disability and mobility aids.

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A UK site dedicated to advertising and selling used mobility equipment and disability aids. Search mobility, household and daily living products and aids to assist the disabled and elderly as well as advertise your own unwanted items for sale. Sell your used mobility equipment and make extra cash today.

Supplying and installing a range of straight and curved fully reconditioned stair lifts in Essex, Suffolk, London and areas of Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Site highlights the details of second-hand stair lifts being supplied in as good as new condition along with testimonials and contacts.