Monday, June 25, 2018

Electric, Manual and Powered Wheelchairs Sales

ABLEize is dedicated to providing you with details of all wheelchair sales and wheelchair needs including electric, manual, folding and rigid frame wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories and includes Information and sales of manual and powered wheelchairs plus folding and lightweight models for adults and children.  Browse through the sites and categories below to find your specific wheelchair needs.

Wheelchairs come in many shapes and sizes from self propelled to assistant wheelchairs, folding and rigid frame as well as manual and electric models. You need to think about the use of your wheelchair before purchasing, does it need to be lightweight, folding to fit in a car, heavy duty for rough terrain? Assessment of your needs would be advised from a reputable wheelchair service before purchasing.

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An online guide to wheelchairs with buying advice to assist you with getting the right wheelchair to meet your needs.

UK distributor of lightweight manual and power wheelchairs as well as pressure seating products. Check out the latest models and special offers.


UK manufacturer of quality made to measure wheelchairs including sports, everyday and kids wheelchairs.