Sunday, April 22, 2018

New listings

Counselling for a range of emotional difficulties and mental health issues including depression, eating issues and disorders, relationship difficulties, self esteem and stress. Based in Sheffield.

North Cotswold female counsellor that specialises in adult mental health issues, psychotherapy and workshops. Site highlights her services and offers self-help resources.

Cardiff face to face and online counselling via Skype helps with building self esteem and trauma. Site offers full details of the services with fees and direct dial phone contact.

Provides safe online counselling support 7 days a week to help kids and teens confront and hopefully resolve a range of issues. Site also has an online community and article base.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council BAcC providing acupuncture treatments in Manchester for a range of conditions including migraine, fibromyalgia and orthopedic conditions. Manchester City Centre.

Offers professional acupuncture services for a range of conditions including fertility, arthritis, back and neck pain. Has clinics in Chiswick, Windsor and Central London. Site includes FAQ's about acupuncture.

Boots WebMD offers a children's health guide highlighting the importance of child vaccination or immunisation and the immunisations your children need. Also explains the injection process.

Vaccination and immunisation advice and facts offered by a West Sussex NHS aurgery. Includes from the ages of birth through to 18 with details of special immunisation considerations for adults. Includes a video clip from Dr Miriam Stoppard.

Ni Direct Government site explaining why childhood immunisation is important and providing details of can happen if a child is not immunised. Also explains how each vaccination or immunisation is given and when and why babies and children get vaccination.

Information for medical professionals and families highlighting the ages immunisation is provided to children and what each injection is designed to protect them from with a list of individual vaccines and the sates they were introduced. resource.