Sunday, June 16, 2019

ABLEize New listings

Bunion information, treatment tips and an overview of the symptoms from Mr Ian Reilly, Bupa consultant and podiatric surgeon. Includes self-help tips and explains the causes of bunions and how to prevent them.

Offers a full and detailed description of lymphoedema with help and support. Site includes information for anybody recently diagnoses along with FAQ, self-help videos and a range of useful articles.

Information and advice from the NHS with healthy feet tips, details of the most common causes of swollen feet and ankles and tips for reducing the swelling. Includes details of how to heck if you have oedema.

Official advice from Diabetes UK about the importance of looking after your feet if you have diabetes. Includes 10 vital steps to prevent foot problems and everyday tips including taking care when cutting your nails.

All inclusive Essex based performing arts dance and drama group made up of disabled and special needs children as well as those without disabilities. View class and event details and to get involved whatever your disability.

Helping the disabled and special needs adults and children to learn and enjoy visual arts. View details of their activities and classes as well as highlighting examples of work created. Includes full contacts to discover more.

Littleton Phabsail offers sailing activities for the disabled and special needs in Chertsey, Surrey. Offers full assistance including hoists and enables family members and carers to join in and take part.