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Accessible Computer Aids For the Disabled

Find details of accessible computer aids and equipment for the disabled and special needs. These aids make using the computer and PC easier and more accessible. Typical sites listed here include software, computers and programmes for those with disabilities and special needs as well as big letter keyboards and assistive technology. Discover trackball programmable button mice, ergonomic keyboards and aids for the blind and visually impaired PC user as well as speech dictation software for those having problems using keyboards and mice.

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National charity providing expertise on computing and disability. Need assessment, technical expertise, advice and support plus adapted computer equipment and aids for people with a range of disabilities.

Assisting disabled people to communicate more easily and effectively through technology. Provides free technical help line support, training courses and publications. Previously the Aidis Trust.

Find a complete guide to your software needs along with popular desktop software programs, what they can be used for and where to the purchase.

Highlighting a number of computer accessories and aids to assist those with a vision impairment along with tips to make your computer easier to use such as how to zoom in/out, keyboard magnifiers and much more all accessed via the keyboard.

Find details of software designed to help your business track a project from beginning to end, how it can benefit your business and where to purchase.