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Special Needs Clothes and Clothing

Special needs clothes are worn by a range of people for various reasons including clothing that helps you avoid pressure sores, as well as clothes designed for assisted or adaptive living with the intention of making it easier with dressing and undressing.  Get your site listed here.  Special needs clothing also often gives more independence to the wearer as well as increasing dignity because of the need to receive less assistance.

Browse through the websites and services listed here providing special needs clothing and adaptive clothes, made to measure and comfort clothing as well as special-needs footwear and mastectomy products and clothing for people with a whole range of disabilities, individual needs and mobility restrictions such as wheelchair user, stroke, arthritis and those with restricted movement. Browse through the sites, shops and suppliers listed below or if you have your own website that supplies special needs clothing, products, information or advice and you would like to see it promoted here in this busy section of ABLEize then please click the Submit Your Site button above, we will even promote for Twitter and Facebook pages free.

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Specialising in providing special needs clothing for lovers of jeans. Designed for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. View the complete collection via their website. U.S. based but offering UK delivery at the time on receiving this submission.

Selling a range of adaptive clothing for disabled and special needs children including bodysuits, bibs, vests and swimwear. View the complete range with online secure shopping and fast UK delivery options.

Online UK store selling clothing designed for wheelchair using children all designed to offer easy access over the heads, legs, arms and around the wheelchairs where weather protection is needed. Includes side and back fastening items, ponchos, mittens and more.