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Bath Hoists and Lifts

This bath lift and hoist section of ABLEize provides details of a range of products that make transfer to and from a wheelchair into a bath, bed, toilet or any other area easier for the disabled or less mobile.   Find suppliers of lifts and transfer hoists and aids listed below as well as battery operated bath chairs to offer greater independence and safety when bathing or transferring. Also includes a selection of portable and fixed transfer aids for the disabled and elderly that may have difficulty getting in or out of the bath or on or off the toilet etc, these include a range of easy access bath lifts, hoists and shower products to make taking a bath or shower more accessible as well as offering easy wheelchair users transfer.

ABLEize offers powerful opportunities for suppliers of bath hoists and lifts to advertise their good at a very competitive and low cost while offering high Internet coverage, click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page to begin enjoying increased hits and sales by promoting your accessible bathing solutions website at a ridiculously low price, if that’s not enough we will even include your Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages free.

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Supplies a range of portable bathing solutions from inflatable bath seats to lifts and hoists to aid getting in and out the bath, toilet transfer and help getting in and out of bed.

Practical bath lift advice and product details from Which? the UK’s most trusted impartial product review site. Offers tips before buying a bath lift or hoist and explains to different types available.