Monday, August 20, 2018

Accessible Kitchen Dining and Eating Aids

Accessible cutteryThis area of ABLEize was created to provide details of products and suppliers of accessible and easy grip drinking and eating aids such as easy grip cutlery, easier to handle cups, nonslip mats and plates and other kitchen eating and drinking aids to assist all disabilities including those with limited dexterity and arthritis and poor grip. If product supplies are limited in this section please also see the advertising links below that will also lead you to a number of products such as large handled cutlery, easy to grip knives, forks and spoons and one handed cutlery plus easy grip jar and bottle openers and cups.

Accessible eating, dining and drinking aids often make life so much easier for the disabled person with limited grip or arthritis along with other daily living aids such as cups, bibs, stools and lap trays often prove to be a valuable aid to eating and drinking with ease and offering greater levels of independence.If you have a website that sells disabled and elderly kitchen, dining and eating aids and you would like to promote them extensively throughout the Internet via ABLEize along with the promotion of any Facebook and Twitter pages then simply click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page to begin enjoying our very competitive web promotion prices.

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Supplying food preparation, eating and drinking aids including easy tip kettles, cutlery, plates and dishes to aid the disabled and elderly with limited grip and hand dexterity.

Find a selection of easy grip cutlery to make eating and preparing food easier. Cutlery options are large easy grip handles, bright colours to assist the vision impaired and angled cutlery adapted to the users grip.

Providing details of cooking and food preparation items for the blind and visually impaired along with advice and tips in all areas of cooking.