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British Sign Language (BSL)

Find BSL interpreter services offering English interpreting for the Deaf via Sign Language services as well as information about BSL tuition and education resources to learn sign language either at home, online or via a classroom situation.

The sites listed in this section is of ABLEize highlight a selection of websites offering Deaf interpreting and information as well as tuition and courses in BSL and how these services assist the Deaf, ABLEize also provides details of how to promote your own BSL service or website within this busy and popular section, simply click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page to begin enjoying increased hits to your website and any social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

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A professional association and support network for Sign Language interpreters in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Also offers find an interpreter sections, FAQ and details of telephone interpreting.

An online platform for BSL related chat, a place to learn British sign language and much more including fingerspelling games, video chat and the alphabet. Registration is required to post.

Providing more than 400 BSL images listed alphabetically and available in a range of colours and contrasts for greater vision. Includes search options.

An informative site that highlights the history of British sign language (BSL). Includes early fingerspelling examples, a collection of film clips dating from the 1030’3 to 1970’s and the history of early deaf education. Information supplied by University College London.

The National Deaf Children’s Society provides details of where to find BSL courses, price guides and readers stories. Also provides general deaf support services and a free phone support line.

Providing British Sign Language tuition for beginners and providing a range of free offers as well as DVD’S and downloads. Site highlights the BSL qualifications, online shop and much more.

Promotes British Sign Language interpreting services in Scotland with a selection of interpreters offering their services plus related news and events.

Highlights publications and explains how Scotland helps to promote British sign language, current legislation and a dedicated BSL National Advisory Group set up by