Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Carers Liability Insurance

In todays “where there’s blame there’s a claim” society carers liability insurance is not only advised, it is essential. Being a carer either employed, self-employed or as a personal care assistant for family or a friend there will always be risks, such as personal injury maybe through a fall, an alleged abuse or neglect claim and other liability issues you can face as a carer. Being insured and protected financially against such claims is a must in today’s society.

Get insurance cover from loss, damage to property or accidental injury or false abuse claims while working as a carer or personal assistant.  ABLEize provides details and providers of this specialised insurance cover via the websites highlighted below.  Gain a greater understanding of the need to be insured against all eventualities as well as how to get insured for much less than you think.  If you provide specialist carers liability insurance cover and would like to see your website and services promoted here, simply click the “Submit Your Site” link above and start reaching out to a much wider audience.

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Bristol and South Gloucestershire adult and child carers support services offering a range of information and advice including insurance advice and discounts for members. Includes a carers advice line.

Northern Ireland based business advisory service highlighting liability insurance for a range of sectors include the care industry. Includes guides and a number of useful resources.

Offers a range of care worker insurance solutions including cover against personal accident assault, public liability and against the theft of a client’s money or belongings. Based in Croydon.