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Hair loss, Wigs and Hair Pieces

ABLEize highlights a number of hair loss products such as wigs, hairpieces and extensions with information sites and services including products  to meet a range of medical as well as beauty needs of men and women. Hair loss can happen in women and children as well as men and often happens during or after illness or stress. Find hair thinning and baldness treatments and clinics as well as products such as wigs, hair pieces, bandanas and hair extensions by browsing through this section including information about coping with hair loss.

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A Family Doctor resource that explains normal and abnormal hair loss and offers details of treatments. Highlights the symptoms and causes of excessive hair loss and explains some situations where hair loss can be prevented.

Offering treatments for hair removal, stretch marks, tattoo removal and weight related issues. Includes details of hair regrowth treatments with contacts for more information.

Information provided by Macmillan Cancer Support with images, instructions and guides of how to tie a bandana or scarf. Includes varied styles and how to achieve them.

Offers video clips, details of causes and treatments with prevention tips. Includes details of many types of hair loss including after cancer treatment, stress and also iron deficiency.