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Deaf and Hearing Aids

Hearing AidAround 2 million people have hearing aids in the UK or rely on some kind of hearing or listening device. This section of ABLEiize provides details of various types, models and authorised suppliers of hearing aids for the deaf and hard of hearing including digital, programmable and non-programmable behind the ear discreet aids including modern almost invisible hearing aids. Hearing loss affects thousands of people in the UK. Having a thorough assessment of your hearing loss should be undertaken before purchasing a hearing aid from a registered hearing aid dispenses or online hearing aid suppliers; Browse through the information sites and services below to assist you with your hearing aid and devices for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Do you have a website that provides hearing aid services to the deaf and hearing impaired that you would like to see promoted extensively throughout the Internet but don't want to spend a fortune achieving that? Click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page to discover very low priced Internet promotion options for all your hearing aid resources. Trust ABLEize – We have deafness and disability covered!

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Hearing Direct

Sells a range of discreet digital hearing aids online from £99 for people with a hearing disability. Site includes details of free hearing checks along with customers reviews and the full hearing aid product range.

May 06, 2010