Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hearing Induction Systems and Loops

Hearing induction loopHearing induction loops are a great benefit to hearing impaired users of hearing aids, the loop provides amplified sound from the surroundings to the hearing aid via a portable or fitted hearing induction loop in areas such as receptions, banks, solicitors and many public places. It is a legal requirement in the UK to have a hearing induction loop installed in your public space or when providing individual service to public members. Find information and sales of portable and fixed hearing induction loops to assist the hearing impaired and to meet DDA and Equality Act requirements by browsing through the sites and services below.

The following sites offer details of how induction loops work, the best loop for your needs and where to purchase both portable and fixed loop systems including mobile hearing assistance for guided tours, exhibitions and other non-counter service areas.

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Explains how a hearing induction loop works with quotes from British Standards 8300 to aid disabled access.

Selling a range of portable and fixed hearing induction loops. Provides live online support.

Highlights the advantages and disadvantages of hearing induction loops, how they work and how they can benefit those with hearing impairments.