Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Smart Homes for the Disabled

Home automation 4 disabledHome automation is a growing system that can greatly assist disabled people in many ways from turning lights on and off, adjusting heating and much more such as opening and closing blinds and curtains through to TV and entertainment systems.

Turning your home into a “Smart Home” using home automation was a breakthrough for all users and the biggest gadget designed to make the life of all disabilities a great deal easier by being able to control so many devices either by voice or remotely through mobiles, your smart device, your TV and the likes of Alexa, Echo, Amazon and Google devices. A great aid to the deaf, blind and the less mobile such as wheelchair users.

Browse this section to find home automation “Smart Home” products and services as well as accessible homes and properties. If you have a business that supplies or installs home automation items and would like to see it promoted in this busy section of ABLEize, please click the Submit Your Site button above and promote your site while also helping the disabled get a smarter and more accessible home.

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Home automation article from the Independent online highlighting the top 10 best smart home devices to control your heating, lighting and access systems. Includes compatible Amazon and Google devices.

Offers an in depth explanation of how home automation for the disabled works to turn your home into a smart home with details of the many possibilities by controlling almost any device that can be switched on and off remotely. Site also highlights a wide variety of “smart” devices.