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Orthotic Devices and Insoles

This busy area of ABLEize is dedicated to providing details of orthotic devices and insoles includes devices and products for adults or children. Orthotics are specially designed insoles made to correct balance and promote the natural working of all the structures in your feet. Orthotics are helpful for many ailments of the foot, however they are not a complete cure. Orthotic devices cannot reverse damage already occurred; they can however reduce the severity of the symptoms and relieve much of the pain caused by the problems you experience. In some cases symptoms can be eliminated.

Browse through the web sites highlighted below offering information and services as well as the supply of orthotics and foot supports for adults and children for a range of conditions including flat feet and dropped arches, plantar fasciitis assisted by custom made orthotics.

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Providers of a large selection of orthoses available to the general public and professional bodies. Has in-house clinicians. Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

London Orthotics article offering an overview of orthotic insoles and explains how they can help a range of foot conditions. Includes extensive FAQ and offers a price guide to consultations and the products range.