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Diabetic Shoes, Socks and Footwear

Browse this ABLEize section to find diabetic shoes and footwear along with socks designed for people with diabetes to help prevent foot problems and ulcers. Diabetes can affect nerves in your feet that control sweating. This can cause the skin on the feet and on the legs to become very dry. In severe cases, this can lead to issues. Correct footwear such as correctly fitting shoes and specially designed diabetic sock for those with diabetes is essential as for all diabetics to prevent ulcers and other foot related problems.

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The UK’s global diabetes community offering details of diabetic sock and why they are important for the health of the feet of diabetics. Explains what are the best socks for people with diabetes with a range of FAQ’s and useful video clips.

A user forum for all foot health issues. Includes diabetic foot care problems, recommended shoes and footwear, pain and skin problems related to diabetes. Worth a read.

Sells extra wide diabetic socks with seams designed to prevent abrasions and sores while keeping good circulation and airflow. View the colours and lengths available with online secure shopping.

Readers Digest site offering professional advice on choosing the best diabetic shoes, how to examine your feet and treat minor cuts and crapes to prevent future problems with your feet.