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Orthopedic Footwear and Insoles

Example of an orthopedic insolePeople with a range of conditions wear orthopedic footwear and insoles. An orthopedic device helps to correct foot and ankle problems or alleviate pain caused by a range of conditions.

Find bespoke orthopedic boots shoes and trainers and insoles for adults and children listed in this busy and popular area of ABLEize.  The sites listed specialise in ensuring you get the best footwear or orthopedic device to help with your own condition. such as:

Swollen Feet – Often a result of lymphedema or edema.
Plantar Fasciitis – One of the major causes of heel pain.
Flat Feet – Also known as fallen arches and causing pain in many lower body areas.
Bunions – Medically know as hallux valgus often resulting in a a raised area at the base of the big toe.
Hammertoes – A deformity and misshaping of some of the toes.
Heel Spurs – Often associated with plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation.
Diabetes – Often requires specialty footwear or compensating insoles.
Arthritis – Often requires specialised orthopedic footwear to help alleviate pain.

Sites listed below are chosen because of their high levels of expertise in orthopedic correction and can be contact for advice, information and purchase details of a range of orthopedic footwear or corrective insoles. These can be seen by clicking the title of each individual listing located below.

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Leicestershire based and online family business that specialises in orthopaedic footwear for women. View the styles available, fitting guides and a downloadable brochure.

Solve that footwear problem for swollen feet and puffy ankles by purchasing from a wide selection of shoes from Wide Fit Shoes. Caters for all conditions from pregnancy, edema and plantar fasciitis.

Indepth guide on buying shoes for swollen or very swollen feet. Full feature list on what to look for when purchasing to ensure your feet are protected and feel comfortable all day long. Includes list of best selling wide fitting shoes for men and women with oedema.

Guardian article that asks the question “do orthotics help people with sore feet?” Read facts, opinions and readers responses. Includes some condition images.