Saturday, April 13, 2024

Wide Fitting Shoes and Footwear

Find companies selling wide fitting footwear as well as sites offering advice about ladies, men’s and children’s wider or wide fitting shoes, boots and sandals as well as slippers catering for swollen feet that are easy to put on. Ideal for conditions such as edema (accumulation of fluid) or muscle injury. Includes Velcro and lace fasteners. Wider fitting shoes are a great aid to many disabled people, including wheelchair users that suffer from the above conditions resulting in swollen feet that makes wearing standard width shoes difficult to wear and harder to get on and off.

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Professional information and advice about swollen feet and ankles along with the most common causes, issues to be aware of and when to seek medical advice. Includes images, details of people at risk and offers readers comments.

Selling a selection of wide fit shoes and boots designed for women in sizes E, EE and EEE. Includes smart, casual and everyday footwear for women with a wider foot.

A dedicated Healthline article explaining some causes of swollen feet including kidney disease, pregnancy, hot weather and lymphedema. Includes details of when you should seek medical advice along with related articles of interest.