Thursday, October 18, 2018

Wheelchair Badminton for the Disabled

This busy disabled sports section of ABLEize provides details of wheelchair badminton clubs for the disabled along with information about the sport and how to get involved. Find badminton clubs, teams and organisations run by or for the disabled located throughout the UK with details of this growing sport enjoyed by many disabled people including wheelchair badminton players. Sites being promoted here offer details of trial session opportunities, game rules and accessibility for all disabilities. Browse through the sites below and click on the wheelchair badminton site of interest to enter the individual websites.

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Details of the medal success for wheelchair badminton players and teams at the Welsh Leg of the Four Nations Disability Badminton Championships. Site offers match fixtures, results and game play images.

Wheelchair badminton club based in Exeter providing players profiles, images, game video clips and joining details. Awarded Badminton club of the year in 2014.

E.B.A.D highlighting and promoting paraplegic badminton in England and providing game details with images and downloadable registration forms. Also includes tournament details, results and game play images and video clips.

Highlights the Welsh Disabled Badminton development highlighting disability badminton with details of plans to develop wheelchair badminton teams in Wales. Includes a list of clubs in Wales and England.

A YouTube video clip of a girl playing wheelchair badminton. I can’t believe she has no anti tips to her wheelchair, she nearly tips out a few times.  Worth watching if you are a badminton fan.