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Blind and Visually Impaired Golf

Golf for the blind and visually impaired. Blind golf is played all over the world, the first blind golf match was believed to have been played in America in the 1920’s. Find information, facts and clubs located throughout the world as well as on our doorstep here in the UK.

Sites listed below also explain the rules of blind golf and the modification to the rules plus membership criteria and tournament details along with information about how to give blind golf a try.  Sites listed are from around the globe due to some offering very informative resources to the blind golfer.  Also click this link for details of other blind and visually impaired sports available in the UK.

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Blind Golf Australia site offers details of how they play blind and vision impaired golf down-under and how to get involved. Site includes articles, results, rules of the game and links of interest.

Ever fancied a holiday in Canada and giving golf a try if you are blind or partially sighted? Check out an events calendar, photos and contacts along with full details of the game rules.

Founded in 2013 for players both nationally and internationally to enjoy blind golf. Site offers details of the Italian facilities with future event dates, players profiles and how to consider visiting the club from the UK. May need translating.

Explains the rules of blind golf with events details, news and how to get involved as well as details of future tournaments that have been held since the 1950s.

Details of U.S and world blind golf championships and events with a brief description of the sport and rules along with details of how to get involved.

Offers an overview of blind and visually impaired golf and explains the rules including the use of crutches, wheelchairs and more. Well worth a read.

Details of the South African Blind Golf Open with images, news and event details and contacts for anybody wanting to visit and give blind golf a try in sunny South Africa.

Fancy playing golf in the U.S? Discover details of junior and senior blind and vision impaired golf sessions and tournaments along with coaching for blind players.

Details of golf for the blind and visual impairment in Perth and Western Australia. Read the rules, future event details and dates and how to get involved in the sport.