Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blind and Visually Impaired Sports

This section of Ableize is dedicated to promoting a range of specific blind and visually impaired sports and sports clubs in the UK offering a a broad selection of sporting activities. Blind sports seems to be an official title used to describe specific sports accessible to the blind and visually impaired but this should not mean that the blind should not be able to participate and fully enjoy all manner of sports, that is of course down to the individual.

The blind and visually impaired sports and sports clubs  highlighted below offer details of the more commonly thought of  blind sports such as chess, goalball, swimming and tandem cycling along with some not so obvious sports such as blind cricket, golf and archery. View the related websites and Facebook and Twitter pages where applicable located below offering a you a broad selection of blind and visually impaired sports.

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Norfolk & Norwich Association for The Blind

Details of the blind sports and activities on offer such as horse riding, swimming, cycling, bowls and more. Also provides volunteering details with contacts.