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The Paralympic Sport of Boccia

boccia clubs ukBoccia (pronounced “Bot-cha”) originally played by people with severe cerebral palsy is now a popular disabled wheelchair sport and one of the disabled sports played at the Paralympics. Boccia is an ideal sport and one that does not rely on strength, speed or excessive mobility but does require precision. The game of boccia is similar to lawn bowls and involves a target ball or Jack with the main aim of the game is to get closer to the jack than your opponent.

The game is enjoyed by all abilities because the ball can be either thrown, kicked or rolled using a guiding device. Find details of boccia sites listed below including clubs and organisations for you to get involved in and enjoy the sport.  Find Boccia clubs and associations as well as the rules of the game and related sites of interested listed in this busy section of ABLEize.

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The official England Boccia organisation providing details of the game and how it is played along with the rules, images and how to get involved.

Explaining the basic rules of Boccia, suggested game play equipment and where you can play.

The UK Boccia Federation highlighting and promoting the sport of Boccia. Site offers game video clips, fulls games rules and a calendar of events and competitions. Also profiles the current GB squad.

Rutland club holding a range of disability sports including Boccia and a number of chair based exercise and sports activities.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) Sport site offers a comprehensive look at Boccia with full details of the game, rules and a useful UK Boccia club finder. Site includes game video clips.

The leading organiser of Boccia in Northern Ireland with 7 Boccia clubs across the County. Site providers competition details and results along with game play videos. Includes training information and details of how to give the sport a try in Ireland.

Details of how to get involved and enjoy boccia in Essex. View club details, facilities for wheelchair users and contacts for going along and giving this fun sport a try.

Kent based Boccia club running two teams and holding regular competitions and events. View details of the club, aims of the game and how to go along to give Boccia a try.

Brief details and match images of the John Grant Boccia Team representing their school located in Great Yarmouth in 2017 in the Special Schools Boccia Competition.

Sussex Boccia club the meets and plays each Sunday in Lewes. View images, press details and joining information along with club contacts. Facebook page.

A dedicated North Yorkshire Boccia club that meets every Saturday at Hambleton Leisure Centre in Northallerton. Site includes session details, prices and contacts.

An online comprehensive look at the Paralympic sport of boccia with details about the rules and how it played along with video clip explanations.