Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Handcycling for the Disabled and Wheelchair Users

Hand cycling (or handcycling) is an ideal way for wheelchair users to continue to enjoy cycling when not able to ride a traditional bike. Handcycles are operated by peddling by hand and enable those with a severe lower limb disability to travel greater distances as well as being able to join in with non-disabled cyclists. There are currently two types of hand cycle; one that connects to the front of a wheelchair and models designed to sit in.

Handcycling is a Paralympic sport and has been since 2004. Find details of handcycling for the disabled including clubs, sports events and suppliers of hand cycles and bikes listed below along with details of how to get involved.

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Website of adrenaline-addicted hand-cyclist Robert Groves. Check out his story, his interest in handcycling and future events. Includes video clips, cycle images and much more for the world of hand cycling.

Governing body for hand cycling in the UK, a sport enjoyed by many wheelchair users. View route details, membership, taster handcycling days and future competitions and events.

Spinal Injuries Association site highlighting the benefits of handcycling for all disabilities including wheelchair users. Also offers a general spinal injury helpline.

Highlighting the Attitude Hybrid hand cycle from Quickie that fits to your own wheelchair as an accessory. View images, video clips and where to purchase.

Selling wheelchairs and folding bikes plus a range of hand cycles, both manual and powered that are designed to be used with an existing wheelchair.

Offers accessible cycling for groups and individuals with disabilities and special needs. Holds sessions at Croydon Sports Arena with details of how to join in.