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Gardening for the Disabled

Find accessible disabled gardening products, information and advice to assist the disabled and elderly gardener as well as opportunities for the disabled and special needs to get involved in gardening and horticulture. Just because a person is disabled or has special needs, it should not mean that gardening cannot remain a love or hobby.

The information listed here is designed to assist and bring gardening to people of all disabilities as well as offering accessible gardening tools, aids, wheelchair accessible garden planters and related products along with ideas to help the disabled person to continue enjoying gardening or even find meaningful employment in areas of varied horticulture.

The following list is regularly maintained and kept up-to-date and highlights some of the best accessible gardening resources, services and charities for all disabilities with information, accessible gardening products and much more.  If you find this section useful please click the “Send this page to a Friend” link below to speed in into their inbox.

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A complete guide to creating a sensory garden for sound, to stimulate hearing, touch, smell and taste. Provides details of the best plants to grow and how each plant creates a sensory experience.

Offers a brief insight into to creating a disabled friendly garden with tips on gardening with a disability, arthritis etc and designs suitable for wheelchairs or walkers.

Information provided by the BBC concerning promotions to assist and keep disabled people actively gardening.

Practical gardening advice and tips for the disabled and elderly including people with arthritis and wheelchair users. Includes tips with digging and weeding, sowing seeds and a range of special gardening tools.

The site of Fred Walden, a wheelchair user and garden writer with details of equipment, organisations and charities involved in gardening and power tools.

A trust that gives grants to people all over the United Kingdom to help them continue to garden, despite advancing illness, age or disability.

An information site from Maryland, U.S that offers advice and tips for gardeners with ADHD including what to avoid and easy to grow plants.

Provides horticulture training and garden crafts and rural skills to adults with learning disabilities. Located in Harrogate.

Englefield Garden Centre in Berkshire run gardening related workshops for those with disabilities including learning disabilities. Site offers session details and contacts to book.

Every gardener longs for a green and luscious lawn, find DIY lawn tips and articles, with details of the ideal grass seed, fertiliser and readers comments.

Therapeutic gardening and rural crafts for people in Oxfordshire who experience mental health difficulties. View their events, objectives, and how to get involved. View the gardening and other activities and how to get involved.

A national charity that works with disabled people and others with mental health issues to transform and enjoy the garden and gardening activities. Site provides details of how to receive advice and assistance along with contacts.

Occupational therapists and horticultural experts providing a range of gardening and Woodcraft activities leading to City and Guilds certificates. View the current programme with details of how to get involved.

An interesting and informative article provided by the Telegraph highlighting a range of gardening tools for people with disabilities along with readers comments and contacts of interest.