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Special Needs Disability Football

Football is becoming more and more popular for people with a disability or special needs as more clubs introduce teams made up of a range of disabled and special needs people as well as offering coaching opportunities. This section of ABLEize is designed to highlight disability football clubs throughout England Scotland and Wales that cater for a range of disabilities such as amputees, vision impaired, learning disabilities, deaf, blind and a range of physical disabilities.

Find out how to take up football or to find a club near you to go along and give football a try whatever your disability.  Search through the many Disability FA clubs listed below for local information and advice ans start enjoying football near you.

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1066 Specials Football Club offers adult and children from the age of 5 with special needs and disabilities the chance to take up and enjoy football in Sussex. Coaching is by qualified coaches.

Providing all inclusive football to people with special needs and disabilities in Bedfordshire. Find out about coaching, matches and competitions and how to join in. Includes opportunities for volunteers.

Find out about taking up or giving football a try in Berkshire or Buckinghamshire if you have a disability or special needs. Open to all whatever your ability level.

Details of the disabled coaching courses as well as courses for a range of disabilities including deaf, blind and the mobility impaired.

A professional football coaching body in Bradford open to people of all ages and varying levels of disability.

Cerebral Palsy/acquired brain injury football organisation with details of the tots, adult and children’s teams and how to get involved and enjoy football at any level. Site includes registration details.

Runs a number of teams made up of people with disabilities including amputee and special needs football between disabled and non-disabled players. Check out their site for details of how to join along with contacts for more information.

Essex based football club for the deaf. View club info and images with a discussion forum and details of how to support or get involved.

Information provided by Liverpool Football Club highlighting the FA’s commitment to football for the disabled with a list of clubs actively promoting disability football, coaching and how to make contact.

Details of UK football clubs for the disabled and special needs, includes amputee, hearing impaired and cerebral palsy.

A football club set up for amputees to enjoy and participate fully in football at junior or senior levels. Includes club contacts.

Find out about taking up football as a sport or social activity if you have a disability of special needs and live in Hampshire. Site includes give it a go sessions and training information.

A football club for people with learning dificulties. View details of the teams, players profiles and how to join the Harrogate based club.

Details of the site providing opportunities for the disabled to play or coach with Manchester United with information about training times and the teams consisting of sensory, physical and a range of neurological impairments.

Provides details of inclusive and disability football clubs in Middlesex for children, adults and female players. Includes deaf, vision impaired and Cerebral Palsy.

Northamptonshire FA was set up to offer young people with a disability, special needs, vision impairment or sensory impairment including Cerebral Palsy the chance to take up and enjoy football.

Notts football club for the death offering club news and league details with match reports and player of the month profiles.

Providing an overview of the disabled coaching and playing opportunities in a range of Scottish clubs along with details of how they are trying to raise the profiles of disability football.

A trust run disability football club running junior and adult squads with training details and times are and how to join.

Highlighting the clubs involvement in disability football with details of opportunities for players and how to get involved.

Discover football for all disabilities and special needs in Sussex and enjoy taking part and playing at any ability level. Site includes training details, images and contacts.

Running a special needs football club for boys and girls aged 8 to 27 with details of training, future matches and how to join.

A registered charity that organises and promotes powerchair football in the UK. Find clubs, training sessions and how to get involved.

FA affiliated football club in Surrey offering access to football for adults and children with special needs or disability. Find out about the clubs rules and joining details along with training and session information.

Offering people with special needs the opportunity to take part in competitive football in Worcestershire. Site provides club details, video clips and how to join.