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Disabled Ramblers and Rambling

rambling for the disabledABLEize has built the most up to date resource and collection of UK disabled ramblers clubs and rambling groups in the UK. Find disabled ramblers information, groups and clubs organising disabled rambling for people with disabilities and mobility problems. This type of rambling is undertaken on mobility scooters, all-terrain wheelchairs and buggies, browse this section to find a broad selection of rambling clubs for the disabled throughout the UK.  Get rambling in some of the most scenic countryside locations as well as public and Royal Parks.

If you are disabled and looking for an ideal hobby as well as enjoying the great outdoors, meeting new friends and a great social life then disabled rambling is ideal for you, most rambles are accompanied by able bodied helpers in case help is needed so jump on your buggy or off-road mobility scooter or wheelchair and enjoy the freedom of rambling with a disability.

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Disability Horizons highlights the use of the ViewRanger disability rambling route finder developed to assist disabled ramblers. Article includes ramblers images and their varied scooters along with tips on using the device.

Cornish rambling club made up of members using mobility scooters to enjoy the great outdoors and many places of interest in Cornwall. Site provides future events details and joining information.

Details of the Moor Access Group that works to make accessible routes on Exmoor in Devon for disabled ramblers. Site provides accessible route images, maps and details of easy access walks.

A news article from The Telegraph reporting disabled ramblers that rescued an injured walker by towing him to safety with their mobility scooters while rambling in the remote Poldice Valley in Cornwall. Read the full story with images.

Information provided by Walking in your Community with details of disabled rambling in Belfast, Co Antrim with location details and the organiser contacts for getting involved.

A registered Scottish charity organising disabled rambles in and around Fife by the rivers Forth and Tay and areas of Northumberland and Bolton. Site offers details of recent rambles, carers assistance and how to join in.

Details of this Hampshire disabled rambling club along with images of recent rambles and joining information. Get your mobility scooter dusted off and enjoy the great outdoors of Hampshire.

Helping people with disabilities to access the Highland countryside via mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Includes details and locations of rambles taking place, mobility scooter examples and contacts to get involved. Based in Inverness.

National trust details of improving access for disabled rambling between Sticklebarn and Elterwater in Cumbria. Includes images and route details.

Information from the Rural Sports website offering details of UK disabled and special needs rambling including ideas and suitable locations such as easy access pathways and canal towpaths.

Not a rambling club but a useful resource for finding accessible countryside walks for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. Lists most UK Counties.