Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Trampolining and Rebound Therapy for the Disabled and Special Needs

rebound and trampolining Trampolining for the disabled including adults and children with learning difficulties and special needs is fast becoming a popular form of exercise and therapy as well as being great fun, Trampolining as a therapy is know as rebound therapy and it a fun and enjoyable way to exercise while getting the benefits of increased movement and improved mobility.

Check out this dedicated section to find details of trampoline clubs and rebound therapy sessions offered in UK locations by browsing this section of ABLEize along with information and contacts to give trampolining a go or find out more details of the benefits of regular trampolining as a social activity as well as being great exercise.

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Dedicated to providing exercise therapy trampolining and rebound therapy for people with disabilities and special needs in several locations in Hampshire. Site provides location details along with images and details of how trampolining can improve muscle tone for people with physical disabilities.

Located in London NW2 and offering trampolining and rebound therapy to help improve motor skills, balance, co-ordination as well as improved communication. Site highlights the rebound sessions and how to give them a try.

Dedicated to providing a range of opportunities for the enjoyment, therapy and exercise of trampolining for all disabilities and special needs. Site provides details of their qualified coaches, trampoline session fees and carer’s involvement.

Trampolining and rebound therapy for the disabled and special needs in Brentwood, Essex. Site highlights their approach and occupational therapy benefits and how to join in.

Brentwood in Essex trampolining club catering for all abilities. Site offers session details, images and contacts.

A Surrey-based gymnastics and trampolining club catering for all disabilities and special needs and run by a qualified coach and therapist. Site provides images, details of trampolining as fun and rebound therapy as a therapy. Includes contact details.

A full and detailed explaination of rebound therapy and the potential benefits along with related links of interest.