Monday, August 20, 2018

Water Sports for the Disabled

This section of Ableize provides details of a number of disabled watersports activities including canoeing sailing and water skiing made accessible to a range of disabilities and highlight sites offering assistance to the disabled person to begin enjoying these sports activity. Disabled water sports sites listed in this section of Ableize cover a host of water based sports for all disabilities to take part in and enjoy.

Please browse through this section that has been created by the Ableize team for your information and help promote watersports for the disabled. Please also see related links above including disabled sailing, SCUBA diving and accessible swimming clubs located throughout the UK as well is visiting any sponsored links to help support and maintain the UK and European largest disability directory.

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Promoting water skiing for people of all physical or learning abillities. Details of tournaments, regional centres and how to get involved in disabled watersports.

Located in the Docklands of London and providing details of the disabled access and how they are making watersports accessible for disabled people. View the facilities on offer with contacts.

Located on the Isle of Wight and providing sailing, kayaking and rowing for people with disabilities. Site offers details of the sports and how to get involved.

Highlighting a number of disabled watersports activities including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and canoeing with session details, their location and contacts for more information or how to get involved.

Personal web site of Sean Rose. Offers details of his life, background and involvement in the British Disabled Water Ski Team and his time in the Royal Air Force. Includes video links and donation details.

A canoe club catering for the disabled canoeists with recreational and competitive paddling. Includes contact details and how to join.