Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Scuba Diving for the Disabled

Scuba diving is fast becoming a popular therapeutic activity for the disabled, the weightlessness of being under water help your movement no end and offers great exercise and rehabilitation to people with limited movement including wheelchair users.

As a wheelchair user myself I have often considered scuba diving but never got round to it, one day I will and I shall be back to tell you all about it. in the meantime find a selection of accessible official scuba diving clubs located around the world including the UK. Considering a new sport, why not give scuba diving for the disabled a go.

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An article aimed at highlighting scuba diving for the disabled with images, links and video clips. Making exploring the ocean floor more accessible.

Berkshire charitable organisation catering for adapted scuba diving aimed at assisting wounded and disabled UK armed forces personnel. View images, donation details and how to get involved.

Promoting disabled scuba diving for all disabilities. Details of diving centres in Spain, Greece, Portugal, Malaysia, Panama and the Netherlands. Find out about training and assistance as well as the benefits of scuba diving for the disabled.

UK charity highlighting the benefits of scuba diving for the disabled and the underwater freedom along with details of how to get involved. Includes direct dial contacts for more details.

Dedicated to offering safe scuba diving to disabled adults and children for fun as well as therapy. Discover the exotic locations such as Malaysia, Florida, Atlanta and Chicagoland.

Based in Wellington, Colorado and offering adaptive scuba diving for the disabled. Check out images, location details and information and the assistance provided. Includes video clips.

An international disabled scuba diving organisation founded in 1981 and covering 45 countries. Site offers video clips, travel, training and instructor details with contacts.

Located in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire and offering assisted diving for the disabled with special scuba sessions. View images, course details and details of how to enjoy scuba diving whatever your disability.

An article from the Independent newspaper highlighting the benefits of scuba diving for the disabled.

A charity aimed at helping to get into disabled scuba diving. Details of the sport and how to get involved, local clubs information and organised holidays.