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Wheelchair Basketball Clubs and Resources

wheelchair basketballThis wheelchair basketball clubs section of ABLEize promotes the largest and most up-to-date collection of clubs in the UK, Our eager team of ABLEize web searches regularly dig out new and upcoming wheelchair basketball clubs as well as receiving requests to include them in this busy section. There has been a spate of new wheelchair basketball clubs springing up after the London 2012 Paralympics, it’s nice to see that such events as the Paralympics has encouraged disabled sports including wheelchair basketball. Browse through the extensive list below to find details of the many clubs located throughout the UK with details of training, competitions and basketball associations as well as details of the sport that can be played between wheelchair and non-wheelchair users.

Wheelchair basketball rules and scoring are based mostly on those of FIBA basketball. The exceptions are rules which have been modified with consideration for the wheelchair user. For example, “traveling” in wheelchair basketball occurs when the athlete touches his wheels more than twice after receiving or dribbling the ball. The individual must pass, bounce or shoot the ball before he or she can touch their wheels again.

Find more details of wheelchair basketball rules in the sites listed below along along with club details and contacts for anybody looking to give wheelchair basketball a try. All the sites below are promoted free to help enhance the sport, please consider assisting us by linking back to this comprehensive collection of UK wheelchair basketball clubs and resources or by forwarding this page by clicking the “Send this link” button below.

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High Wycombe club for wheelchair and non-wheelchair users that enjoy and want to compete in basketball. Site offers club details, fixtures and contacts. Trains at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium every Friday night.

Wheelchair basketball club holding matches and sessions in Cardiff and Caerphilly. Check out their fixtures, results and club news along with joining information.

The official home of basketball in Britain with details of GB teams and the current league along with joining information and an overview of wheelchair basketball. A busy site well worth a look.

London based wheelchair basketball club offering match details, training information and match images along with details of how to get involved.

Wheelchair basketball club based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Site provides a host of information, club details news along with joining information.

Formed as a new club in 2014 in partnership with Cheshire Phoenix and Celtic Warriors. Check out team details, training information and game images along with the rules of the game and how to get involved.

Colwyn Bay wheelchair basketball club providing details of the sport with training information, club news and how to go along or join in.

An active wheelchair basketball team providing tournament and match details with fixtures and results along with video clips, coaching information on how to get involved.

An active wheelchair basketball club offering action video clips, squad details and training times plus joining information.

A busy and popular Essex wheelchair basketball club for both sexes. View the club history, match details and how to join.

BBC report on this long standing wheelchair basketball club in Exeter, Devon.

Hampshire wheelchair users basketball club providing training details with club news, results and how to join. Offers taster sessions.

Hampshire club playing in the Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association Div 3. View fixtures, club images and results with details about how to give wheelchair basketball a go or join the club.

Belfast, Northern Ireland based club with more than 50 players of all ages and abilities taking part in wheelchair basketball. View fixtures, results and club contacts.

A Lancs based club open to all playing abilities offering match details, results and joining information. Playing at Salt Ayre Sports Centre.

Wheelchair basketball club in Leicester. If you are interested in trying the exciting sport of wheelchair basketball the Cobras run a series of taster sessions at regular intervals throughout the year.

Holds training and events in the WS8, SE1 and SE16 areas of London on weekdays and weekends. View details of the club, how to join and available merchandise.

The official website of wheelchair basketball in London with video clips and details of the team, fixtures and future matches along with how to go along or try out for the sport.

View club details, joining information and fixtures and results as well as how to give wheelchair basketball a go. Based in Armadale Academy in West Lothian.

Kent based wheelchair basketball club playing in the National Wheelchair Basketball League. View team details, images and joining information.

A Nottingham based wheelchair basketball club for adults and juniors with sessions played at Harvey Hadden Sports Village, Wigman Road Bilborough Nottingham. Pop along and give it a try.

Highlighting wheelchair basketball in Notts along with team details and how to get involved.

Denbighshire friendly club open to all ages and abilities. View match details, images and future events along with club contacts.

Established in 1987 as a competitive wheelchair basketball club. View fixtures, events and details of how to give the sport a try in Sheffield.

Provides access to training and National League matches for wheelchair basketball players in and around Sussex.

County Durham club open to both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users. View match details, training information and contacts for getting involved. Also includes merchandise.

Details of the Thames Valley Kings wheelchair basketball club founded in 2004 and based in Berkshire. Site offers match details, images and joining and training information as well as game images.

Norwich basketball club for all wheelchair users, ages and abilities providing an overview of the sport with details of the game tactics and rules, training information and how to get involved.

Greater Manchester wheelchair basketball club with two premier teams ranked as one of the best clubs in Europe. View details of their achievements, future match dates and how to get involved.

West Sussex club that trains each Friday and plays in the current 1st Division. Site provides players details along with fixtures, results and highlights the history of the club.

Based at Lansbury Bridge School, St Helens, Merseyside. Site provides fixtures, club details and joining information.

Set up to promote and take part in wheelchair basketball in Warwickshire for people of all ages and disability levels. Check out video clips, fixtures, results and team details along with how to give wheelchair basketball a go.