Friday, October 19, 2018

Wheelchair Curling

wheelchair curlingWheelchair curling is a fast-growing sport and now one of the sports actively played and competing in the Winter Paralympic Games. ABLEize Disability seriously promotes a whole range of disabled and special needs sports and this section highlights wheelchair curling clubs as well as details of the game. Wheelchair curling has similar rules to Olympic curling, played on ice and generally by both sexes with a disability that means they are either full or part-time wheelchair users such as spinal injury, amputees, multiple sclerosis etc. Non-competitions may include a mix of disabled and non-disabled players providing that they all use a wheelchair and  obviously play by the same rules.

This section highlights a range of wheelchair curling clubs and sites of interest along with their locations, details of the game and how to get involved. If you know of a wheelchair curling club not included below please feel free to drop us a line via the contact us link and we will happily include any official club sites so this section continues to build to become one of the most comprehensive wheelchair curling resources within the UK.

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Located in Renfrewshire, Scotland. Braehead Wheelchair Curling Club is an active club open to all ages and games skill abilities. Site provides club contacts along with their calendar of wheelchair curling competitions and events, results and news.

Official Paralympic information and guides covering all areas of wheelchair curling including future and past wheelchair curling events and competitions results, rankings and records and a whole host of resources relating to wheelchair curling.

Scottish wheelchair curling club open to all ages and playing abilities. Site provides club images and video clips along with results and joining information.

An official wheelchair curling organisation highlighting both UK and worldwide championships and events along with news, results and articles of interest

Information and resources provided by the World Curling Federation providing details of wheelchair curling along with its history, rules of the game and a downloadable Paralympian magazine.