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Wheelchair Fencing

Wheelchair fencing was established in the UK by Sir Ludwig Guttmann known as “the father of the Paralympics” it was first introduced in 1953 at the Stoke Mandeville International Games, later becoming known as the Paralympic games. Browse through the sites below to find details of wheelchair fencing clubs, organisations and competitions from around the world.  Also find wheelchair fencing information, facts, rules and advice.

Wheelchair Fencing was part of the first Paralympic Games in Rome 1960. At the Paralympic Games in Seoul 1988, a new system for wheelchair fencing was introduced, which allows athletes with different disabilities (amputee, polio, cerebral palsy and paraplegia) the opportunity to compete together.

Unfortunately there are few wheelchair fencing clubs and organisations in the UK, so we have included a number of information sites from around the globe. Most sites on the Internet provide information about wheelchair fencing during the Paralympics and of course the London 2012 games, however the guys and gals of ABLEize have dug out the more individual and hopefully informative resources relating to wheelchair fencing and included them here for your information and hopefully to help promote the sport to budding sportsmen and women of the future.

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Highlights the history of wheelchair fencing along with details of the rules, equipment used and a brief summary of the sport and the 24 countries that take part in or are practicing wheelchair fencing.

Boston U.S. site offering a details look at wheelchair fencing highlighting the history of the sport, details of adapted fencing group classes and an explanation of playing classifications.

International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation offering rules and regulations of the sport and how to join and take part.

A personal blog entry that tells the story of Leon Paul and his introduction to wheelchair fencing after being inspired at the London 2017 International Para-athletic championships.

Details of Canadian sport men and women taking part in wheelchair fencing with an explanation of the rules, images and past Paralympic representation.

Providing details of wheelchair fencing originally formed as rehabilitation in the 1950s at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Read details of the sport along with rules.

Coverage from BBC Sport of the RIO games in 2016 along with an explanation of how wheelchair fencing works, medals details and links to related sports.