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Wheelchair Rugby

ABLEize highlights wheelchair rugby clubs and information on rugby for the disabled sport enthusiast. Wheelchair rugby is a team sport for athletes with a disability. Developed in Canada in the late 1970s, it is currently practiced in over twenty countries around the world and is a wheelchair Paralympic sport that has become more popular after the 2012 London Paralympics where many people witnessed wheelchair rugby for the first time, mostly with a dropped jaw and a look of sheer amazement.

Wheelchair rugby is played indoors on a hardwood court. The rules include elements of wheelchair basketball, ice hockey, and handball. It is very much a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game, wheelchair rugby is also called “Murderball”  anybody that has seen wheelchair rugby in full flow will fully understand why the name “Murderball is appropriate. Browse this section to find UK based wheelchair clubs, associations and services relating to wheelchair rugby.

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Currently Scotland’s only wheelchair rugby club also a registered charity print details the club in the future matches and also a promotional team video.

Dundee rugby club for wheelchair users providing details of the club, members and how to get involved along with images, contact details and results.

Providing details of wheelchair rugby within the Paralympics along with information about the sport, representing teams and how to get involved.

A comprehensive site for wheelchair rugby lovers with details of the sport, video clips and latest news a long with a calendar of future games.

Currently playing in the UK league. View video clips training and match times with club contacts and rules of the game.

A registered charity with England and Wales, the aims of the club are to promote the sport of wheelchair rugby to the community of London and the South East of England.

Norfolk’s premier wheelchair rugby clubs. Site offers images, details of the game play that is open to disabled and able-bodied players. Site includes details of future games and training sessions.

Sussex based wheelchair rugby club highlighting their future and past games with details of training sessions at the Brighton Sports Centre. Includes game play images and club contacts for anybody wanting to give Murderball a try.

The driving force for wheelchair rugby in Ireland. View match details, results and images along with how to go along and give wheelchair rugby a try.

Based at Southport Spinal Unit providing team details and game images with future match dates and how to join.

Holds training and matches in Plymouth and Exeter. View team details and an image gallery with joining information and give wheelchair rugby a go sessions.

A dedicated article that explains the game play and rules of wheelchair rugby also know as “Murderball” Includes related resources and beginners guides.

Information about this Suffolk club that trains each Sunday. View players details and images along with information about how to get involved in wheelchair rugby.