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Society and Lifestyle

This society and lifestyle section of ABLEize covers and broad range of disability and special needs subjects from relationships,  religion, law and issues and a number of related subjects of interest. It is basically a catch all category including disability and disabled blogs, personal sites, chat rooms and forums plus universal design, disabled sex matter and society and culture related sites. If you are unsure if your disability related site fits this location please feel free to contact us and we will ensure it goes into the best area of ABLEize or simply submit your site and we will list it appropriately.

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Offers details of injuries sustained by a British policeman that served twenty years in Greater Manchester. Makes an interesting read and a valuable insight into the inner working of everyday police life.

CDS is an interdisciplinary centre for research and education in the field of disability studies at the University of Leeds.

An information charity on disability and parenthood. Provides articles, message board and help sections. London based.

Personal web site of Gary Roberts, C3-4 incomplete tetraplegic/quadriplegic. Includes photo gallery, links of interest and a guestbook.

A disabled writer, father, husband and occasional performer writes about the non-stop fun of disability, wheelchairs and family life. If you want to know what it’s like to be disabled but don’t fancy it for yourself then read this.

Official site of the female paralympic cyclist, adventurer and author and silver medal winner in the 2012 London Paralympics.

The personal site of Dyspraxia interest offering information and fact. Includes news and forum link.

Personal site of Tim Jin. Offers information and facts on his life with cerebral palsy, personalised FAQ plus his likes and dislikes.