Friday, October 19, 2018

Special Needs and Disability Blogs

Blogs from, for or about disability and disabled peoples as well as blogs covering disability issues, news and views. Find a broad selection listed below with both UK and world-wide blogs.

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The blog of your favourite directory covering all disability, disabled and health matters. View and post today to become part of the ableize community.

A well put together blog that tackles the issues of Alzheimer’s to conquer the disease by sharing information.

A BBC blog covering all aspects of disability.

The disability blog of Gordon Conochie, the joint policy Parliamentary officer of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.

Chris Pink is a Cambridge (UK) based freelance writer and artist. His first novel has a strong disability and comedy theme. You can read about this and more at his blog.

A U.S based disability blog covering a range of issues from the ADA to disability etiquette, benefits and much more.

The personal blog of MS sufferer and mother of two; Vicki Bridges.

A well put together blog presented by the highlighting issues of disability interests including campaigns and articles of interest.

A personal blog covering the trials, tribulations and surreal moments of a person of a small stature.

A support and advocacy group for parents who have a child or teen who uses a ventilator full or part time (any type, including NIPPV.) Young adults who are on a vent from a childhood disorder or injury are also welcome to join.

A well put together blog that tells the story of Robert, who has suffered from uncontrolled epilepsy his entire life. Highlights his life and the toll on his physical and mental abilities.