Monday, December 18, 2017

Specific Disabilities and Disorders

Find a comprehensive selection of disabilities, disorders and conditions with information, facts and advice about each condition in the websites listed below and within the specific disability categories, choose your area of interest where you will find the UK’s  most authoritative sites providing you with up-to-date information and resources for all manner of disabilities including Down’s syndrome, dwarfism, brain and spinal injury, aspergers, deafness and visual impairments and other disabilities listed alphabetically below.

Visit each website by clicking on the title where you will find greater information and individual contacts along with advice and assistance in a whole range of disabilities and disorders. Ableize is now the largest disability directory on the Internet and is proud to be the number one disability resource listed inside the world-famous WWW  Virtual Library.  Please help spread the information in this site by including a link  within your website.

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Providing details of this disorder with over 150 different syndromes including loss of hearing or vision, sensitivity to light and respiratory problems. Site offers FAQ and explains the types of Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED) and how to get help.

Dedicated to providing hemiplegia help, information and advice to adults, children and family members. Site offers a host of resources along with information for professionals and hemiplegia support services.

Highlights reflex sympathetic dystrophy research and treatment details with official facts about the condition.

Offers an overview of reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome with symptoms and treatment details.

Works with and supports people with physical and learning disabilities and brain injuries. Site provides details of the many services offered with news and events information.

Offering medical, research and treatment details plus publications and volunteer information. US based.