Sunday, June 16, 2019

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Resources

This section of ABLEize offers a list of some of the best Alzheimer’s and dementia resources in the UK with direct links to their sites and social media pages. Find resources for support with helpline contacts as well as treatment and prevention tips, the diagnosis process and the different types of dementia.

NHS Choices recommends that If you or somebody you know is becoming increasingly forgetful, particularly if they are aged 65 or over, it would be a good idea to talk to a GP and ask about the early signs of dementia.  Although there is still currently no cure for dementia if diagnosed at an early stage the symptoms can often be slowed down to help maintain mental functions.

Sites may also be listed here if they sell dedicated dementia and Alzheiner’s disease products and aids. Click the Submit Your Site button at the top of this page for submission details for your website.

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Offers support services with freephone helpline details and training and events resources for all areas of Scotland with information about services for people with dementia and their carers.

UK based resource offering global information, details of how to cope with someone with dementia, ADI conferences and much more.

A national Alzheimer’s and dementia resource in the UK with as dedicated helpline, details of how to get support or donate. Includes facts and FAQ’s about dementia.

Offering research and drug updates and news plus alzheimers forum, clinical guidelines and FAQ.

A comprehensive and trusted resource providing dementia facts, symptoms and treatment options as well as tips for helping to cope with dementia.

An organisation of professionals including social care providers, leading charities and hospitals providing newsletters, resources and details of dementia related events.

Providing support and working to change people’s perceptions of dementia. Includes details of support, how to get involved and become a dementia friend.

London based clinical research centre investigating the various forms of dementia. Site offers the latest news along with details of support services.

Helping family and carers understand dementia along with a UK based dementia helping, latest news and how to get support. Includes resources for healthcare professionals.

Details of local support services and dementia resources offered in UK locations. Search by your area or town.

Official NHS resource offering facts about Alzheimer’s with details of the symptoms, causes and diagnosis. Includes prevention tips and treatment details.