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Arthritis information

Arthritis is a very common condition that causes varying degrees of pain and inflammation in the joints.  In the UK alone there are said to be around 10 million people suffering with arthritis.  It affects all ages and sexes including children but is more common in those over 50 or elderly. There is currently no cure for arthritis and most relief is provided by medication and painkillers with surgery sometimes being an alternative option such as joint replacement or re-alignment.

Find information and facts in all areas of arthritis that causes inflammation of one or more joints resulting in pain and stiffness.  Sites listed here explain the types of arthritis including rheumatoid and juvenile arthritis as well as osteoarthritis along with research details, articles and helpful care tips to help ease the conditions of arthritis. Also see a link to arthritis support sites in the related categories below.

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UK charity providing hands-on, practical help in all areas of arthritis including eating advice and suggested therapy and exercise tips to help control pain. Includes membership options.

Official UK Government advice and information about driving with arthritis. Includes details of how to check if your condition affects your driving plus details of possible DVLA fines.

The largest arthritis organisation in the UK providing research details, helpful tips and articles and details of how to fight arthritis.

Offering detailed information about arthritis including living with arthritis articles, campaigns and downloadable publications as well as resources and an online discussion forum.

An interesting article from the BBC with details of exercises for a range of pain with information about studies into if the weather affects arthritis. Includes videos and sites of interest.

Set up to offer information, resources and help for children with arthritis and their families. Offers details of events and activities, weekends away and how to get in touch or volunteer.

A comprehensive site highlighting the conditions of rheumatoid arthritis with details and information for anybody newly diagnosed, where to get support and current campaigns and research.

Explains what arthritis is and what the condition feels like along with details of who is at risk and the symptoms involved.

An official NHS site providing details of this common condition that affects 9 million people in the UK alone. Site explains the different degrees of arthritis including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and offers care tips and links of interest.