Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Visual Impairments

The correct definition of visual impairment is when a person has reduced vision that cannot be corrected by visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. Blindness falls into a separate category due to being defined as having a loss of useful sight, a vision impaired person has limited but functional sight.

Find details of vision impairments listed in this section of ABLEize offering information and advice as well as a number of links to related visual impairment resources throughout the Internet such as visual arts, sports etc. Please browse through the sites below and click on their individual titles to enter their websites offering more information.

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UK charity. Site contains a good range of information covering the practical aspects of dealing with visual impairment and blindness.

A useful guide to colour contrasting that assist the vision impaired as well as official facts and numbers relating to visual impairment supplied by the RNIB.

Founded in 2008 to provide a range of services and social activities and voluntary opportunities working with people with blindness and visual impairments throughout London. View meeting details and membership information.

Offers details of how to adjust your PC for people with vision impairments, explains screen magnifiers and speech recognition systems and large-print word processors.

Covers a comprehensive range of visual impairment facts with symptoms, causes, diagnosis and the treatments available.

Information, facts and further details about optic neuritis a condition that causes inflammation of the eye optic nerve with information supplied by the Patient UK website.

An official government site providing details of how to register or visual impairment as disability within the UK. Includes guides and downloads.

Recruitment and job details for the blind and visually impaired from Remploy, the UK’s leading disability specialist established in 1944 with 70 years plus of experience meeting the employment needs of a range of disabilities.

Check out this site offering details of an informative encyclopaedia of sports and recreational activities for people with visual impairments available to purchase by paperback, hardcover or e-book. A must read publication.

An association providing a range of services, information, advice and volunteer opportunities for blind and partially sighted people throughout all areas of Surrey.

A Scottish organisation dedicated to providing support to children with vision impairments along with their family and carers. Site provides an A-Z of visual impairment conditions with sites of interest, local contacts and a useful parents message board.