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Cerebral Palsy Support and Information

Cerebral palsy (CP) is not a disease or an illness; it is a physical impairment that affects movement and co-ordination. The severity of the restrictions caused by Cerebral palsy vary greatly from person to person from barely being noticeable to extremely severe. No two people with cerebral palsy are the same, however, most children will live long into adulthood with many living for several decades.

The section of ABLEize is designed to offer you greater information and contacts with various cerebral palsy websites, societies and organisations mostly throughout the UK but may contain world wide sites of cerebral palsy interest along with CP symptoms details, causes, official diagnosis and treatment information.

ABLEize supplies you with a whole range of disability information and resources and does this free, if you found this section useful please pass the page details on to others so they can also benefit.  If you know of a useful CP site not listed here please feel free to send us the details and we will look at getting it included.

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A UK charity working to improve the lives and outcomes for children and young adults with cerebral palsy. Site includes campaign details and how to get involved.

Find details of this cerebral palsy advice and support society established in 1954 as a local Bedford charity. Includes general information about cerebral palsy along with information about their support, youth club and how to get involved.

A cerebral palsy charity encouraging and increasing childrens ability to move and function in as normal a way as possible. Includes an in depth description of the treatments offered.

A busy cerebral palsy charity located in Birmingham and established back in 1947. Site provides details of the activities and events along with telephone contacts and details of how to get involved or receive assistance. Lottery funded.

A non UK support group based in Florida offering a range of useful information and resources as well as email support outside of the U.S and an informative blog.

Bristol charity actively assisting adults and children with cerebral palsy as well as their family members and carers. Site provides membership details and highlights the services along with local contacts.

Providing a vast array of information, support and resources in all areas of cerebral palsy including diagnosis, the types of CP and a range of equipment. Includes a cerebral palsy advice line.

A site dedicated to providing information and resources in all areas of Cerebral Palsy as well as other birth related injuries and disabilities.

Dedicated to promoting all manner of sports for people with cerebral palsy. Site provides details of the fundraising and sports events along with information about how to get involved.

Set up to support under 5s with cerebral palsy and other motor learning impairments, their families and carers. Services include assisted swimming, music therapy, sensory sessions and support at home.

Founded in Great Britain in 1969 and now has members in 49 countries. Read newsletters, details of future meetings and the work undertaken.

Highlights the symptoms of cerebral palsy with official causes, treatment and diagnosis details and video clips.

A large UK independent charity run by volunteers working to promote awareness and raise funds to purchase mobility products and educational aids for adults and children with cerebral palsy.

Providing a broad range of cerebral palsy support, services, local resources and social activities in the areas of Stockport in Greater Manchester. Includes telephone support.