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Arthrogryposis Information, facts and Advice

What is arthrogryposis? Firstly it is also known as Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a rare congenital disorder that causes multiple joint contractures that causes muscle weakness and fibrosis. Arthrogryposis is a non-progressive disease. Arthrogryposis includes many different conditions. They Multiple Pterygium syndrome, Larsen syndrome and Freeman Sheldon syndrome. Some arthrogryposis conditions are mild whilst others involve problems with other body functions such as the brain, nervous system or muscles. Find a selection of official and unofficial medical sites listed below and visit the individual sites for more details and contacts.

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Providing a range of information, symptoms and treatment information about arthrogryposis and also highlighting its causes. Includes details of awareness events and how to offer a donation.

The personal blog of a arthrogryposis sufferer with information, readers comments and posts. Also highlighting the history of the condition and what it is like growing up with it.

Highlights this condition of curved or hooked joints with symptom details of areas such as the shoulder, elbows, hands and knees. Site Explains the causes along with the prognosis.

A detailed article for medical professionals offering a description, facts and detailed information about arthrogryposis. Includes associated conditions and diseases along with prognosis.

Provides an overview of arthrogryposis with online information, news, events and a discussion forum. Includes details of future events and how to make a donation.