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Narcolepsy and Narcoleptic Attacks

Narcolepsy and cataplexy are sleeping disorders with narcolepsy being the most common. Narcolepsy involves excessive daytime sleeping or sudden sleep attacks where the sufferer can drop off to sleep instantly and without warning. Driving is not permitted by anybody with narcolepsy. The symptom are a sudden loss of muscular control triggered by amusement, anger or excitement which is called cataplexy. Narcolepsy usually begins in adolescence.  How severe the symptoms are can vary from person to person and can improve or worsen over time.  The sites listed below offer greater and more in-depth details.

A narcoleptic will most likely experience disturbed nocturnal sleep, which is often confused with insomnia. Find narcolepsy and narcoleptic information, diagnosis, causes, symptom details plus support and advice here in a range of official and unofficial resources listed below.  Sites listed are from world-wide locations due to limited resources available in the UK.

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An online narcolepsy support group set up by people living with narcolepsy. Includes a discussion forum, chat section and help. Also includes FAQ’s about the condition. Required membership/login to post or enter chat sessions.

Highlights the five major symptoms of narcolepsy along with diagnoses details and a useful symptom screener. Some areas may not be accessed via the UK.

Washington U.S. based narcolepsy resource offering an online community, dedicated information sections and details of international organisations and support groups.

An association of people with narcolepsy, their relatives and others interested in improving their lot. Its registered objects are the benefit, relief and aid of persons suffering from narcolepsy.

Official information from the NHS with video clips, help sections and an explanation of the causes. Includes details of possible complications that narcolepsy causes and possible treatments.

Located in San Francisco and working towards discovering the the cause of narcolepsy and developing new treatments and hopefully a cure. Read about their ongoing research, publications and much more on this extensive narcolepsy resource. Includes donation details.

Information provided by UK Health Centre with FAQ’s and highlighting the risks of accidents to narcoleptic sufferers. Includes details of how to find and make an appointment with a dedicated clinic.

Explains what cataplexy is and who is at risk along with treatment and diagnosis details and available medication. Information supplied by