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Stuttering and Stammering Information

Find stuttering and stammering resources in this section of ABLEize including ideas on how to stop stuttering plus stuttering information, advice, help and facts on stuttering and stutter related subjects. Stuttering, also known as stammering is a speech disorder in which normal speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions.

Stuttering is generally not a problem with the physical production of speech or putting thoughts into words. Stuttering does not affect and has no bearing on intelligence. Find related sites of interest listed below and click on the individual titles to enter the individual sites for more information about stuttering and stammering along with website resource contact details.

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A registered charity providing information, resources and therapist contacts to assist children with stammering issues. Site includes details of workshops for parents of of children who stammer.

A trusted health resource highlighting the basics of stummering/stuttering with research details with treatments and therapies, video clips and tutorials.

Official information from the NHS with details of how stammering can affect you with treatments, causes and the different types of stammers. Explains when to seek help.

Specialises in providing effective stammering therapy. View course details with video clips and dates. Includes stammers stories, speech therapy reviews and much more.

A site dedicated to providing information, facts and treatment details along with a range of FAQ relating to stuttering for adults and children. Includes a list of words that refer to stuttering in other languages.

Provides information and resources for teachers, parents and children. Find free videos and books along with a number of useful resources connected to stuttering and stammering.

A web site that explores many of the dimensions of stuttering and its effect on the human identity, as well as the development of stuttering behavior.

Cheshire based support group for people with stammering or stuttering issues. Site offers local and national resources, support and contacts as well as local meeting details.