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Deafblind Resources

As of March 2018 the were 394,000 deafblind people (stats provided by  Find a selection of sites for and about Deafblindness highlighted below in this section of ABLEize. Deafblind is very different from people who are only deaf or blind but not both. One of the most well known deafblind persons is the author and lecturer Helen Keller with other deafblind people being Francisco Goya a Spanish painter and Jack Clemo a British poet. Listed below are a range of official and non-official resources for and about deafblindness offering a large range of information and resources including care and support services available to help deafblind adults and children.

This section of ABLEize is the result of scouring the Internet for the best (mainly UK) resources and housing them in one place to save you the trouble.  If you have found this deafblindness section useful please help us spread the word by passing the page details on to others that may also benefit from the contents.

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Explains deafblindness with featured articles, causes and information about retinal implants. Includes featured articles of interest.

An international association set up to support deafblind people as well as everybody working in this field including educators and medical specialists. The goals are to ensure a good quality of life for deafblind children and adults of all ages.

A dedicated not for profit deafblind organisation run by a consortium of charities: Deafblind Scotland, Sense and Sense Scotland to set up and offer a range of deafblind study opportunities.

Assisting thousands of deafblind or dual sensory impaired people throughout the country to cope with their disability and to lead as fulfilled and independent lives as possible.

Founded to assist people in Scotland with deaf blindness as well as offering support and a number of health and social services. Includes contacts and Scottish inventor details.

An extensive internet resources relating to deaf blindness. May contain some broken links but the site has many valuable working resources so worth a listing.

Details of a dedicated deafblindness team set up by Hertfordshire Send providing support to pre-school children concerning deafblind children as well as training and support to professionals. Also offers valuable assessments and advice on aids and adaptations.

Provides basic usher syndrome facts along with details of clinical studies and resources for scientists.

Highlights 4 years of research undertaken by Birmingham University that focused on the needs of older people with sight and hearing loss. Includes a PDF download of the final report.

The UK’s largest organisation for children and adults who are deafblind or have associated disabilities. Includes news and campaign details plus related publications.

Offering symptom details, diagnosis and related facts of Usher syndrome highlighting the problems and how it can be transmitted.

WFDB is a non-government and non-profit making organisation set up to assist deaf blind people and to help improve their quality of life. Includes an online discussion forum deafblind information and facts along with membership details. Site available in English and Spanish.