Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Deafness and Hearing Impairment

It is reported that one in seven of the population of the UK has some level of deafness, that adds up to 9,000,000 people with an estimated 35,000 of those being children. Deafness is an invisible disability and often makes coping with deafness more difficult because others are not aware of the problems that the deaf person may face so are not able to make adjustments etc.

This section of ABLEize provides a whole host of websites offering information, resources, facts and services surrounding deafness such as charities, deaf sports associations and individual clubs and groups providing a range of services including lipreading classes for the deaf and hard of hearing and British Sign Language (BSL) information and services.

This section also includes links to other deaf and hearing impaired resources located throughout the UK. Please click on the title of your choice below to be taken to individual websites for more information.  If you found this ABLEize section useful please help us spread the word by passing these page details on.

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The Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults site offering details of lipreading classes along with fact sheets and leaflets, how to join the association and teacher training programmes.

BDA are the largest deaf Association in the UK and highlights a range of policies and campaigns with news, events details and discussion forums.

Information and facts about tinnitus for sufferers and health professionals and about the activities of this charity. Includes support and training services.

Details of local Cambridgeshire deaf and hearing impaired services, support and drop in centres.

Based in the Henry Fry Centre in Coventry providing deaf services and assistance with grant and funding as well as lip reading and interpreting classes.

A charity supported by Croydon NHS assisting deaf and hearing impaired people.

Internet resource for all British Sign Language and deafness related information. Includes web site offering both deaf and non-deaf contents.

Information and assistance for the deaf including notice boards, organisations and related links.

West of Scotland voluntary support group for adults with deaf and hearing impairments. Includes deaf care and information about their hearing services.

Provides details of arts, film and theatre along with music and cultural events aimed at the deaf and hard of hearing.

A Northampton charity the organisers a range of community and social activities as well as club events and providing help, advice and services to deaf people in the county.

A site containing information for deaf adults and children, details of cochlear implants, BSL and deaf clubs in the uk.

Cheshire based charity established in 1928 to offer dedicated services to the deaf. Includes details of clubs in other regions as well as their sign language and interpreting services.

A printable PDF download offering official facts about a broad range of areas connected to deafness.

Providing details of support for deaf people in Derby and also providing interpreter services and information about social activities including public gatherings and impressive calendar of events.

Highlights a range of local deaf services with details of training, community services, courses and workshops and jobs.

Offers support and day care services for Deaf people in Scotland and Glasgow. Includes referral details, Deaf information and FAQ.

Offering assistance, recreational and social activities to the deaf, hard of hearing and their families in Hull since 1926. Includes details of events and the club facilities.

Provides support and symptom details of vertigo, tinnitus and deafness along with how to cope with or manage the conditions.

Dedicated to providing advice to parents and carers of deaf children including a freephone helpline and a number of family support resources.

Provides treatment, diagnosis and prevents details plus official information about clinical trials into hearing impairments.

Offering a range of support, social activities and events for deaf and hearing impaired people throughout North Wales. Site provides details of their mobile information unit along with online leaflets employment and training opportunities.

Services provided for deaf, deafened, deaf blind and hard of hearing people across North Wales. How to use and book communication support, lip-reading classes, deaf awareness and hearing impairment training and membership information.

An active group providing social activities and training and offering a range of resources and support to the deaf people of Nottingham. Site also provides interpreting details and BSL information.

A voluntary centre based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire offering telephone advice and a range of online services and information.

The largest charity working to change the world for the UK’s 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people. Includes deafness information and resources, fact sheets and forum.

Set out to assist and promote equality for deaf people throughout the UK and providing details of jobs and events as well as offering a range of information, advice and guidance for the deaf, their family and carers.

A long established and registered charity providing help and assistance to death, deaf Blind and hearing impaired people throughout Sussex. Site provides details of their club activities and social groups including outings as well as training courses in deaf awareness and British Sign Language.

Provides hearing and tinnitus support in Norfolk. Includes details of hearing clinics including a mobile clinic.

The world health organisation provides official facts, data, statistics and publications about a range of deaf, deafness and hearing impairments.