Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tinnitus information, Facts and Advice

Tinnitus is not itself a disease but a symptom caused by ear infections, foreign objects or wax in the ear or even injury from loud noises. Tinnitus can also be a side effect of some medications such as aspirin. Tinnitus can affect one or both ears or appear in the head as a ringing noise, high pitched whining, buzzing, hissing or humming.

Temporary tinnitus can be a common symptom of a cold or flu or after exposure to loud noise such as at a music concert, or following a blow to the head. About 1 in 100 people experience serious problems with long-term tinnitus. Find official sites offering tinnitus information, advice and treatment details listed below.

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An informative website providing a host of information along with product details that may assist and a freephone telephone helpline for more information.

Official information, facts, diagnosis and treatment details for tinnitus from the NHS.

Comprehensive and official details of what causes tinnitus, tests and a range of useful resources.

Includes information for professionals, research details plus news, events and related links.

A site all about tinnitus (and hyperacusis) retraining therapy (TRT).

A London based clinic and treatment centre providing services to help reduce the effects of tinnitus. Includes treatment details and case studies along with clinic contacts.