Monday, February 26, 2018

Diabetes Information and Resources

Find official diabetes information and resource sites offering details of type 1 diabetes, the least common of the two types of diabetes plus type 2 diabetes, type 2 develops when the body is able to produce insulin but at a limited volume or when the insulin that is produced fails to work properly, this is called insulin resistance.

Find diabetes symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment information as well details of any ongoing diabetes research taking place along with related services and support offered to diabetics including how to manage your diabetes by browsing the selection of sites and services listed below.

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A comprehensive diabetes information site with a freephone diabetes care line, assistance video clips and details of blood glucose meters.

A registered charity providing information about living with diabetes along with research details, news and future events. Includes information for parents and carers of diabetics.

Highlights diabetes in woman with facts, events details and an online discussion forum.

Offering comprehensive information on diabetes along with related goods and services. Includes medication details, general advice. Explaines the types of diabetes.

Provides a comprehensive diabetes guide with research details and information about services throughout Leicestershire.

NHS Scotland provides a comprehensive resource of information and support for current and newly diagnosed diabetics with insulin and non-insulin medication details, travel and exercising tips and local services in Scotland.

An overview of type 1 and 2 diabetes with sympom information. treatments and the causes supplied by the NHS.

Providing official NHS information, publications and national guidance along with details of improvements for diabetes and diabetic patients.