Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dwarfism: Restricted Growth

The information provided in this busy section of ABLEize is designed to offer information assistance and advice in the areas of dwarfism also known as restricted growth. Dwarfism, although my favourite and much preferred term is “A person of a small stature” but many of you reading this will associate better to the other terms such as dwarf, dwarfism or restricted growth. The condition classed as a person less than 4 feet 10 inches (147 cm) in height, normally due to the result of abnormal bone growth.

Dwarfism does not in anyway result in being of an intellectual disability, those with dwarfism are just like everybody else and can undertake and achieve the same goal, its just that they are smaller.

Please browse through the sites listed here and click on the title of the site of your choice below to find more details, contact information and much more relating to dwarfism and restricted growth not just in the UK but also from further afield.

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A UK charity dedicated to assisting children and their families affected by growth and endoctrine issues. Site provides events details and news along with research information and a discussion forum.

Promotes sports for persons of restricted growth and to enable them to enter and compete in sport on an equal footing.

Providing friendship, advice and support to people of a small stature in the UK. Includes information about dwarfism, social events and how to get involved.

Provides an introduction to dwarfism more commonly known as restricted growth with details of the causes along with video clips and a range of useful sites of interest.

A disorder that delays the growth of children, site offers medical and educational information and facts about this type of dwarfism.

UK based charity that provides vital information and support to improve the quality of life for persons of restricted growth, and their families. Includes membership details, research and advice.

Mainly American iformation with dwarfism articles, news and research details.

Providing a number of answers to frequently asked questions surrounding dwarfism along with an explanation for kids, support details and a discussion forum.

A voluntary arganisation with official facts and information and comprehensive coverage of primordial dwarfism.